Acquired the “Golden Invitation” from Japan right after graduation

Day update: 07/09/2011

Invited to Japan to work  by a well-known corporation, in the land of sunrise, right after graduating from University in Vietnam, these four four FPT University students pictured below have their own formula which i young people anywhere can also apply to bring themselves to anywhere in the world.

 Quang Khanh, Huong Giang, Hoang Phu, and Thanh Long, with Japanese professors on a short study trip  to Japan at the beginning of 2011.

Choosing the correct starting point

Huong Giang, Thanh Long, Hoang Phu, and Quang Khanh are 4 FPT students who were chosen to work in a large financial corporation in Japan – SBI Holdings. They now expect  to sign up for a long term contract  from 3-5 years. This is  an opportunity which cannot be acquired by any Japanese graduates, now hopefully, it will be entrusted to four Vietnamese students who graduated  from a Vietnamese University.

The speciality in their starting point – FPT University – is that in FPT studying both English and Japanese is compulsory. Simultaneously, as a University from a large IT Corporation of Vietnam, FPT University has its own advantage in building training programs appropriate to the needs of enterprises, as well as developing relationship with Japan and many big partners all over the world. As a result of these advantages, 4 students Giang, Long, Phu and Khanh were  among the best students  were chosen to visit Japan, which is famous for process and quality, to learn the technology as well as working environment there right before graduation.

That’s why 4 Vietnamese students, after A short internship at SBI Corporation in a cooperation program with FPT University, have passed the strict three-round qualification exam of SBI Holdings with no difficulty.

The “100%” principle

Huong Giang shared that, she came to FPT University with the usual simple expectations: she loves IT and Japanese so much. With her passion, both Japanese and IT subjects, she always pu in a  100% effort, although Japanese is always a hard subjectand Information Technology is not easy for any female student.

In contrast to Giang, Phu, Long and Khanh have an advantage in learning IT, but to be familiar with a language which has many character sets from figurative to Latin, and the transition  from  single-syllabic language (Vietnamese) to multi-syllabic language(Japanese) is not an easy thing to do.

But regardless of the obstacles of gender characteristics, these four outstanding students are consistently joined together by  a single principle: The principle of 100% effort. All of them were at  the top of the list of best students who have an excellent academic result, and  have working  experience from 8 months to a year as  real software engineers in the compulsory on-the-job training program of FPT University. Combining knowledge from University  with practical experience from big projects with real customers, among them there are Japaese partners, Giang, Phu, Khanh and Long patiently built brick  by brick  on their way to Japan.

Thanh Long – who specially loves and admires Japanese culture after his short learning trip by way of the University’s programs – is impressed by the Japanese characteristics of t diligence and patience. Only, as a result of gettingthe opportunity of going to Japan that he realized the similarities between his way of life and the Japanese:  diligence, patience, and always  making a  100% effort.

This is also a principle for all young people; to use their talent to acquire the opportunity of going  everywhere. In the near future, the knowledge and experience, these four outstanding students will bring back from Japan will  make a  great contribution for Vietnam.

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