FPT students approach career opportunities in Japan

Day update: 27/02/2012

In the afternoon of January 28th,a group of 16 FPT students and staff arrived at Noi Bai Airport, successfully completed the ten-day traning course in Japan. This trip was not only an award after JODC course, but also a practical and meaningful opportunity for each student to gain experience in the Land of Sakura, and see the professional working environment of some famous Japanese companies.

Gain knowledge in Japan

During the time in Japan, from January 18th to 28th, FPT students participated in the “Japanese Corporate Management for Vietnam” course in Kansai Kenshu Center, Osaka. The lecturers were specialists from JODC, and each session lasted 3 hours. The course aimed to train high quality human resources in developing countries.


The course which FPT students joined in Japan focuses on contents like working process, business behavior, or the role of small and medium enterprises in the Japanese economy.

The most interesting among the learning contents was the information about business communication skills. Many students said that the greeting gesture looked simple, and the costumes only showed small differences, but it would be hard to understand their proper meaning and usage without a detailed explanation.

 The students in Kobe Port, Kansai, during the trip to finish their group assignment

“Take a lot of experience, and express your feeling about the country and people of Japan” was the assignment topic of the course. According to that, the 15 FPT students were divided into two groups to ‘study’ many tourist attractions in Japan. The trip aimed to train teamwork skills; improve the students’ understanding and use of Japanese public transportation; and also accumulate knowledge of the Japanese country and people.

Approach modern technology

In their ten days in Japan, 15 FPT students visited many businesses such as: Panasonic Corporation, Sharp Corporation, Fujikin Company, Asahi Breweries, Nihon Software... A common impression of Japanese Enterprises was their reputable working morale, high-tech production, and strong consciousness of environment protection.


During the visit to Sharp Corporation, FPT students had a chance to see and take photo with the world’s largest television which belonged to the company


In Asahi Breweries, the students were surprised and excited to visit and witness the modern working process in Asahi Breweries.

If in Panasonic Corporation, the FPT students had the chance to approach the latest technology like 3D camera or their smart house, then in the largest brewery of Japan – Asahi – they could not help admiring the modern brewing process with an awesome productivity of 6000 cans per minute.



When tasting Asahi beer, FPT students shared the same feeling that it was rich and “smooth”. .

The most interesting company which gained the most attention of FPT students was the Fujikin Company because of the promising job opportunities there. According to the Fujikin representatives, the company was very interested in FPT students, and was having a demand of recruitment for the Fujikin factory in Nam Thang Long industrial zone in 2012. With a large-scale investment and abundant IT human resources in Vietnam, the manager of Fujikin said they intended to build  a factory in Vietnam which would be one of the company’s important premises . Career opportunities for FPT students, thus, would be larger.

A cozy away-from-home New Year’s Eve

The 10 days learning in Japan was also Tet Nguyen Dan Holiday (the Vietnamese’s lunar new year), the students enjoyed the New Year’s Eve with friends who were learning in Japan like Hoang Phu, Quang Hung, Quang Khanh…  Sharing square cakes from Vietnam, the students warmly welcomed a new year  far away from home.

On the first day, FPT students visited Osaka Castle. This is a famous place of tourism in Japan.

Not wanting to waste any moment of their short time in Japan, the students used all their free time to visit a lot of places in Kansai region: Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto…, and interacted more with friendly people of Japan.


Using their free time, the group visited many famous places of Japan. The trip became more exciting with the guide of the two alumni: Hoang Phu and Quang Khanh. Both of them are working for SBI Corporation, Japan.

In the sum-up report, the students shared their opinions and thoughts about Japan, and also expressed a desire and determination for self-learning, as the lesson of Kaizen (improvement, innovation) from JODC course in November 2011 in FPT University.


Ms. Makiko Yokosawa, AOTS Manager in Kansai region, awarded the certificate to FPT students who participated in JODC course.

After the course, each student received the AOTS certificate. Owning the AOTS certificate issued by the Government of Japan, FPT students will have an advantage in getting Japanese scholarship, or applying to Japanese businesses.

Some photos taken in the trip to Japan:


Excited FPT students in the trip to Sharp Corporation.


The lunch of FPT students and staff in Kansai Kenshu Center.

The group in the sum-up day, with Mr. Atsuo Ishikawa, JODC Manager and Mr. Sekimono, a teacher in Japa.



To be in Japan, travel to many places, FPT students had the opportunity to enjoy a plenty of delicious dishes. They’re having Oden, Japanese specialty after the trip to Namba, Osaka city.


FPT students in the Farewell Party in January 28th, with Lecturer Masaru Nakagaki and AOTS Manager of Kansai region.


Owning the AOTS certificate issued by the Government of Japan, FPT students will have an advantage in getting Japanese scholarships, or applying to Japanese businesses.


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