FPT students to Attend Cultural Festival in Japan

Day update: 13/12/2011

Two Software Engineering students, Tran Phuong Thao and Tran Thi Hong Nhung in the role of "ambassadors" of FPT University will be departing to Japan on October 14 to attend the Culture Festival of Bunkyo University from Oct. 15 to 29. This is the second time FPT University has sent its student representatives to attend the traditional festival in the partner university.

FPT staffs and students in counseling sessions on 12/10 before Thao and Nhung start their journey.

Beside their ability to communicate well andgood results at studying and training, Phuong Thao and Hong Nhung  are those who once participated in the exchange program with Bunkyo University along with 14 students and two teachers at FPT University  in early March this year.
As a representative of FPT University, Phuong Thao said: "This is the first time I go to Japan, feeling very happy and thrilled. I’m also determined that the trip  will be my opportunity to expand my knowledge and make friends with students from Bunkyo University. We will thoroughly prepare for the role of "ambassadors" the trip to Japan this time. "



Phuong Thao said: "We will thoroughly prepare for the role of ambassadors of FPT University at Bunkyo University."

Before their departure, a number of video clips with the introduction of the school and the group as "Seven days as a FPT student", "About FPT" ...  have been prepared by the university staff and students. In particular, Hong Nhung and Phuong Thao will bring small gifts to the families that will host them in the next two weeks.

At Bunkyo University, Thao and Nhung will join a festival booth with 14 Japanese students. This year, their booth will be decorated in the Vietnamese theme, and the main dishes are also the Vietnamese ones. Accordingly, photos of the exchange program at FPT University in May 2011 will be printed in large  sizes and displayed at the booth. The two girls will dress in Ao dai, the traditional costume of Vietnam.


Although being a bit nervous before leaving, Hong Nhung is still very confident in herself. She and her companion have also received strong support of from students in Japan.

Phuong Thao and Hong Nhung will also have a meeting with Professor Ohashi Yukako-Bunkyo University President. This is an opportunity for the two students to introduce about themselves,  about FPT University as well as Vietnam.


 Student Le Thi Huy Duong (center) shared  a lot of experience from her time at the University Bunkyo last year.

In addition, two students will attend classes at Bunkyo University.  At the counseling sessions for Thao and Nhung before their departure , FPT student Le Thi Huy Duong, who went to Bunkyo University in 2010, said: " classes of Japan schools  have specific features. In a software class, students will practice a number of small games on the computer. In a class on international economic and foreign policy or on soft skills, students will have an introduction or a short presentations. This is also an opportunity for students to practice communication skills and make friends with the Japanese students. "

Huy Duong stood in front of the Vietnam’s booth at Bunkyo University in October 2010.

Last year, the nine-day visit of Huy Duong and Le Giang Phuong at Bunkyo University under the guide of Ms. Nguyen Thanh Van, the Head of Japanese Department, , brought many happy memories  to students of  both universities.

Van Anh
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