FPT Students Confident at the Final Round of the 2011 Business Start-up Contest

Day update: 11/01/2012

In the morning of December 30th, with a project titled "Software power management and PC optimizing - iSave", batch-5 student of FPT University, Pham Ngoc Thang successfully went through the presentation and the review at the final round of the 2011 Business Start-up Contest at VCCI building in Hanoi.

Mr. Pham Gia Tuc - Vice President of VCCI, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Contest – was giving the Opening speech -

The best 6 out of 11 projects  were presented before the  Evaluation Board to compete for the First, Second, and Third Prizes. Pham Ngoc Thang,  batch-5 student of FPT University was in a group of 5 members working together on the iSave project. This project aimed to develop  and provide iSave, the power management and optimization software for PCs and servers, - to individuals, organizations, computer manufacturers and distributors. In the group, there  was also a batch-2 student of FPT University – Nguyen Hoang Long, who had won many honor prizes in some national programming competitions. Talking about the group’s presentation and counterarguments at the contest, Ngoc Thang, the group’s representative and presenter, said that although there had been a little pressure for being the first presenter, he was quite satisfied with what  he did.

After the drawing for order of presenting, Pham Ngoc Thang,  batch-5 students of FPT University became the first one who gave the presentation and counterarguments at the final round.

"My group havevery high expectations  of the Evaluation Board’s assessment. In addition, we also want to get the prize of The audience’s favorite group. To win this prize, we need the support of students in the university because the contest is now in the voting round. I am looking forward to your support at: www.isave.vn." said Ngoc Thang.

For more information, Thang said that iSave was launched in September 18 2011, following the free version known as Toitietkiem.vn, which had been out for about 2 years, with about 300,000 users.

iSave software can save up to 27% power for computers; lengthen battery life twice for laptops (with actual testing already), save up to 75% ink for the printers; manage energy, make energy statistics by the month,  and the year; reduce heat, and extend the life of hardware; optimize, repair Windows, help computer run faster and smoother. In particular, the software has intuitive, user-friendly interfaces in both English and Vietnamese.

FPT students Pham Ngoc Thang claimed that he was quite satisfied with his presentation and had high expectations of the assessment from the Board as well as the reception of the users

The project had The total investment of 600 million VND, nearly 400 million of which was fixed asset, over 200 million as the required liquidate capital , and 10 million as reserved capital . It is expected that after 3 months, the project can recover its capital.

About their strategic customers, Ngoc Thang said: "The group will focus on three development phases. In the first phase, we will aim at individual customers, then the second phase targets businesses. After we have settled on the two sectors, we will move to production and distribution in the 3rd phase. In this period, the coverage of the market will grow very fast because now iSave is only a tool, but it will thenbecome a solution. It does not just stop at the level of energy saving, but will be upgraded to power management. "

Final results of the 2011 Business Start-up Contest will be announced at the  2012 Business Start-up Festival  which will take place on January 7, 2012 at Cong Nhan cinema, Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi. The program will be broadcasted live on VTV1 from 10h00 - 11h30.

The Business Start-up Contest is one of the main activities of the Annual National Business Start-up Program. The Program was initiated and chaired by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI) from 2003.


In this competition, many projects are  evaluated and reviewed by the Evaluation Board to be completed in a better way. Many students have the opportunity to present and defend their projects before the review board which consists of experts, famous entrepreneurs, investors all across the country
Van Anh
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