FPT University attends the “IT Application in Education” seminar.

Day update: 04/04/2012

On the 3th and 4th of March, 2012, in Thua Thien Hue province, FPT University attended the seminar “Application of Information Technology in education, building teaching profiles, and guiding high school students through scientific research”. The seminar was held by Ministry of Education and Training aiming at innovating teaching and learning methods of training institutions located in the central region of Vietnam.

The seminar was led by Dr. Nguyen Sy Duc, Deputy Director of the ministry’s Secondary Education Department. There was also the participation of leaders and IT officers from local education departments and schools.

The presentations in the seminar touched various aspects, sketching a comprehensive view of IT application in education and training in secondary and high schools in the central region.


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phong, FPT University Vice-Rector presented about the effects of the Violympic project on IT application in education and training in secondary and high schools.

As a FPT University representative, Vice Rector Nguyen Xuan Phong told about the effects of the online math contest ViOlympic, held under the cooperation between FPT University and Ministry of Education and Training. Mr. Phong said that the math competitions were given fromself-practice rounds to school, district, provincial, and finally national levels with the purpose of promoting IT application in schools. It helped students get familiar with the internet, and made internet a new learning method, as well as simultaneously detecting and training gifted pupils in Mathematics and Informatics. This is an IT solution which supports innovative teaching and learning in schools. The competitions therefore had the participation of numerous school pupils, and high appreciation of teachers and parents. Mr. Phong also shared: “The popularity of ViOlympic today is thanks to the great support from Ministry of Education and Training. ViOlympic is considered a key project in IT application in education, and has become a national and annual contest”.

There were many presentations from the leaders of education departments sharing the consensus on ViOlympic in particular and the significance of IT application in education in general. This is the obvious result in a social development process to bring innovation to teaching methods, raise academic efficiency  and plays the key role in the building of a learn-everywhere-society which can satisfy developmental needs of a modern society.

Today, the ViOlympic contest has expanded from primary to secondary schools, and is being under strong deployment across the country. This is a positive signal for the development of IT application in education.


Pham Yen
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