FPT University Golden Toads Journey to Singapore

Day update: 02/05/2012

Recently, 7 Golden Toads from FPT Universty: Pham Ngoc Tu, Nguyen Thi Huong Quynh, Nguyen Hoang Quan, Tran Thi Thu Hien, Nguyen Minh Thong, Bui Hong Nhung, and Huynh Nhat Quynh enjoyed an interesting trip to the HP Technology Central on the beautiful island of Singapore

FPT University’s Golden Toads on the trip.

Each semester FPT University awards the Golden Toad title to a student who achieves the best academic results, as well as doing an outstanding job in extracurricular activities. As a bonus, each Golden Toad receives a learning trip to Singapore, or a 10 million VND cash prize.

During the 4 day trip, the Golden Toads had a lot of interesting experiences: playing thrilling games, approach latest technology application of HP Corp.[NOTE: I don’t know what this means]; visiting the largest aquarium resort in South East Asia - Sentosa Rersort World, and many famous places in Singapore such as: Merlion Park, the Parliament House of Singapore, the Fountain of Wealth, Guanyin Temple, Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Casino, Marina Ba, etc.


The Golden Toads comfortably enjoying the trip to famous places on the beautiful island of Singapore.


FPT students were very impressed with the rich food culture and professional services in Singapore.

The thing that made the greatest impression on most of the Golden Toads was the largest resort in South East Asia - Sentosa Resort World. Here, they had a chance to ride the cable cars, tour the entire resort; join in many thrilling games, and visit famous places there including: Sentosa Underwater World, and the Wax Museum. Expressing his feelings, Nguyen Hoang Quan shared: “I’m very impressed with the Wax Museum in Sentosa Island, since it successfully reproduces the historical development of Singapore.  The models and sound effects here are very lively and interesting. If there were any museums like this in Vietnam, the youth would be very excited to learn history.”


Sentosa Resort World was the most popular place for FPT University Golden Toads on the trip.

On the trip, the students had the opportunity to visit the smart house, Cooltown, at HP Singapore. According to the HP Singapore representative, Cooltown is thea place where 3 factors come together: vision, research, and high value for the community. By connecting mobile and stationary devices everywhere, Cooltown can, by providing significant information and services to users, change how people live, work and play


Cooltown is the place where 3 factors come together: vision, research, and high value to the community.

Here, the Golden Toads were introduced to, and got to know the latest technology developed by HP on a modern, 3D, computer system. The learning trip in Singapore is considered a reward with significant prestige from FPT University and HP Vietnam to provide FPT students with knowledge and experiences in a foreign environment, as well as giving students the opportunity to explore the latest technologies. 

Besides the basic schedule of visiting the HP Factory and FPT Software headquarters, the Golden Toads also visited staff from FPT Software Singapore in order to obtain some insight into learning and working there.


FPT University Golden Toads pose for a photo with HP Singapore representatives.

The learning trip to Singapore by 7 FPT University Golden Toads was sponsored by HP Vietnam, through a  cooperation program between HP and FPT University. This program is part of the strategy of FPT University to build relationships with large corporations in the world, and give students the opportunity to get to know and learn from leading technology companies.



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