Friendship exchange with students from Bunkyo University – Japan

Day update: 21/03/2012

On March 1st, the staff and students from Bunkyo University had an official visit to FPT University campus at DETECH Building. This is an event under the annual cooperation program between FPT University and Bunkyo University. Previously, in November 2011, two FPT students had an opportunity to participate in Bunkyo University’s Cultural Festival in Japan.

Expressing her delight in the third time welcoming the guests from Bunkyo University, Ms. Nguyen Kim Anh, Vice Rector of FPT University said: “I’m so happy to see the near and dear relationship between the two universities growing rapidly in the last years. Today, I feel like getting my old friends again after a long time of separation. I want to give my sincere thanks to Bunkyo University for cooperating with FPT University in the organization of many cultural exchange programs in Japan, which were very meaningful to FPT students”

The Bunkyo delegation visiting FPT University included 14 students and 2 teachers. To welcome them, apart from the Board of Rectors, there was the attendance of FPT University’s Japanese Club.

In response to the warm welcome from FPT University, Mr. Hiroshi, a teacher of Bunkyo University, said his thanks and greetings in the Vietnamese language in the admiration and appreciation of people in the hall. Also in the ceremony, representatives from the two universities exchanged gifts, which expressed the friendship of both sides.

Ms. Nguyen Kim Anh, Vice Rector of FPT University presented Bunkyo University with a souvenir in the shape of a bronze drum, and the Toad – FPT University’s mascot.

After an exciting introduction of the two universities’ members, the Bunkyo group visited FPT University campus in Detech building and then was introduced about the under-construction campus in the Hoa Lac High Tech Park. Rina Osawa, a Bunkyo University student shared her feeling about FPT University: “This is the first time I have been to FPT University, but I can feel the enthusiasm and friendliness from students here. Through what I have studied and witnessed, FPT University has all the best conditions to train excellent IT students”. Rina also expressed her eagerness to see Hanoi’s motorbike-filled streets, and to be able to ride a motorbike by herself during this trip.

Students from both universities practiced the Japanese paper folding art (Origami) together in the first meeting.

Also in the trip, Bunkyo students also participated in a Japanese class in FPT University. In the same afternoon, they visited various places in Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoyed plenty of Vietnamese traditional foods.

After meeting in Detech building, Bunkyo University students and FPT University Japanese club members together paid a visit to Hanoi Old Quarter and enjoyed a lot of specialties of the capital city.

During the program, on March 3rd and 4th, students from the two universities will have a camping trip in Kim Boi, Hoa Binh province. After that on March 5th, at Detech building there will be a cultural exchange meeting which will feature typical music performances of both countries like the Japanese Yosakoi and Vietnamese traditional musical instrument shows. 

This trip is held under the annual cultural exchange program between FPT University and Bunkyo University. The program brings FPT students many opportunities to learn about the Japanese culture and customs, as well as encouraging FPT students to practice their Japanese. 

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