Furtwangen University (German) received CV from FPT students for internship

Day update: 13/07/2011

Until  June 30th, there are 4 registrations CV for participating in the internship at German for FPT University students.

Furtwangen University will support accommodation and culture, language course for intership’s student.

This is the program of Furtwanden University (German) and The Division of International Cooperation of FPT University jointly organized. The program is for FPT University students who finished 3rd year, are studying master and senior students to haveopportunities to gather experience and exchange culture abroad. Besides, the course brings to FPT student the chances to work in professional environment at famous Germany companies such as Bosch, ContinentialAutomative GmbH, FESTO AG & Co.KG...

As a part of 3-6 month-internship in German, student will be supported accommodation and participate in Germany language and culture courses for about 15 days.

As also another part of the program, FPT student will have a week to visit Baden Wurttemberg State which is the third largest state in German with many famous groups in Industry of Mechanic and Technology, especially have a chance to visit the largest software company in Europe: SAP AG.

The Division of International Cooperation of FPT University informed that 4 CV of students have been sent to partner. The result of admission will be announced at about the end of July or the beginning of next August. The course will officially start from September of 2011.

In November of 2007, FPT University signed a cooperation agreement with HochschuleFurtwangen University of German. According to this agreement, in the period of 5 years, both universities will proceedexchanging lecturers, students to participate in projects, seminars and culture exchanging programs. In particular, FPT students when taking part in the program will be given studying and living fee for 6 months to 1 year. It is similar to student of Furtwangen university when taking part in student exchanging programs and studying at FPT University. So far, there are many students of FPT University and Furtwangen University participated in this program.

In addition, Furtwangen University is located in Banden Clockmaker State, is in top 5 of the best University of Information Technology training in German with strong industry of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology Application
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