The Prime Minister visits FPT University in Hoa Lac

Day update: 27/02/2012

At 14:30, February 13th, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, with leaders from Ministry of Science and Technology, paid a surprise visit to FPT University in Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park, Hanoi. 

Coming with the Prime Minister was Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan, Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Vu Duc Dam, and leaders from Ministries, as well as the board of managers of Hoa Lac hi-tech park.

The welcoming team from FPT included Chairman Truong Gia Binh, Vice General Director Chu Thanh Ha, FPT Software’s Chairman Hoang Nam Tien, FPT University’s Rector Le Truong Tung, many leaders from FPT subsidiaries, FPT University teachers and about 150 students.


On behalf of FPT University staffs, teachers and students, FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh warmly welcomed the Prime Minister at FPT University’s front square.

FPT University is one of the key projects in Hoa Lac. FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh made a report about the project’s goal, construction progress as well as student services quality, and introduced the completed sections of the project to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister was pleased with the progress as well as construction quality of FPT University’s premises in Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung visited the University’s artificial ice rink, which was one of the first ice rinks in Vietnam. The rink was in an area of 480 m2, made from a special material which accurately simulated an ice surface, giving players true feelings and keeping them safe.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung with the leaders visited the University’s artificial ice rink, the first rink that belonged to a University in Vietnam.

When visiting the dormitory, the Prime Minister was pleased with the facilities and praised FPT University for giving special significance to these. He also reminded that not only the education quality but the care for daily life of thousands of students here must also be taken serious, since this is the first university located in Hoa Lac.


The Prime Minister reminded FPT University’s Board of Rectors to take care of the daily life of thousands of students who would come here to study, since FPT University is the first university located in Hoa Lac hi-tech park.

Chairman Truong Gia Binh reported that the accommodation for students gained great attention of the University, in order to help students to live and study well inside the campus. Two dormitories with the standard of 3 students per room, equipped with high quality beds, wardrobes, tables, a private WC with water heater… were now ready to be in use. Each student had a bunk bed, with some other equipment such as a wardrobe, a table, and modern learning facilities neatly arranged in the lower level…

The Prime Minister also visited the Vovinam dojo, where more than 100 students were practising Thap Tu Quyen (one of Vovinam’s Forms). In response to the Prime Minister’s intimate and warm greetings, FPT students unanimously express their wish for his health in the martial arts style. The training atmosphere impressed the leader of the Government.

 At Vovinam dojo, the Prime Minister was greeted by more than 100 students who were engrossed in their practicing.

The Prime Minister was pleased to see FPT students who were not only training their professional but also paying attention to their fitness and Vietnamese fighting spirit.

Watching the overall FPT University construction, the Prime Minister recognized and praised the efforts of FPT Corporation and FPT University for actively accelerating the work. Although only the first phase had been completed, the campus could meet the studying and living needs of students in the upcoming May.

To end his visit, the Prime Minister participated in the planting of a commemorative tree in the campus, and taking photos with more than 100 FPT students.


The tree planted by the Prime Minister and leaders from Ministry of Science and Technology showed the expectations and belief that in this land there will grow many IT talent seeds for the country.

The construction project in Hoa Lac Hi-tech park is invested by FPT University, with the total investment of up to 2.696 billion VND, planned and designed by Nihon Sekkei company (Japan), built from 2009 to 2015 in the area of 30ha.

FPT University premises in Hoa Lac will meet the studying, researching and living needs of 10.000 IT students and 1.000 staffs and teachers. With seven major construction areas, including lecture halls, research laboratories, student dormitories, administrative area, sports center, park and many other buildings, FPT student will have the opportunity to fully facilitate their learning and researching activities.

Along with the efforts of related parties, the project of constructing FPT University and the University of Technology and Science in the area of 100 ha at Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park has made a turning point in the upgrading and international integration process of Vietnam’s education. This is the first time in Vietnam, as well as in the region there has been a University complex which meets international standards, has synchronous, modern and eco-friendly planning, and good relationships with other universities in the educational system throughout the country.

FPT University in Hoa Lac, after its overall completion, will become a small urban area for students with  convenient facilities satisfying the demand of 25.000 students and thousands of staffs and teachers, creating the opportunity to bring training, and research close to practice. It will also make a contribution to developing high quality human resources for hi-tech industries, and become a driving force for economical development.

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